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HK Population Overview in 2016

(Forecasted by HKSARG Planning Department)

Currently in Hong Kong, there are 2 million Baby-Boomers (aged 50-70 years old). Happy-Retired is both a dedicated online and offline platform that targets specifically this niche market. We connect with our users online through our mobile App, website, and social media channels. We also meet them face-to-face in events. Happy-Retired organizes 200-300 events
(talks, interest class, tour, etc) every year, meeting physically with 3,000-4,000 young-old.



  • 千萬富翁的年齡中位數是58

  • 46%的千萬富翁是已退休人士

  • 千萬富翁認為最理想的退休年齡是62歲

Over 50,000
Users in Happy-Retired



Happy-Retired Users Population distribution

Happy-Retired Users Gender distribution​

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