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Ryan Yeung   – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Happy-Retired Co. Ltd. (樂活新中年)

After graduating from University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong. Ryan Yeung started to make his foot print in Hong Kong Government, joined as an Executive Officer posted with both Transport Department and later with Lands Department serving these two departments for six years in total.

In March 2014, Ryan was inspired by his father’s retirement. He and two like-minded friends decided to set-up a Social Enterprise, a digital platform serving and focus on the young-old generation. Happy-Retired’s vision is enabling the retirees to cultivate a meaningful life for social good. He named the company “Happy-Retired”. Ryan holds the title Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Having the opportunity in September, 2014, Happy-Retired entered HK Science Park Incubation Programme.

In 2015, Happy-Retired joined a competition, The Hong Kong ICT Awards and won “The Best Start-up Award”

Later of the year Happy-Retired won “The Social & Technology Award” in E2-Entrepreneur Square Day 2015 sponsored by the Government SIE Fund.

Happy-Retired is operating for more than two years now and Ryan is proud of Happy-Retired’s 20,000 users and the number of users continues to grow every day.

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